Trial Lesson

The Rules of BLS Trial Lesson

Our trial lesson is free and 1 hour long. (20 minutes for introduction of the school & registration + 40 minutes for lesson including level check)

1. You can take 1 trial lesson at the school or by Skype.

2. You cannot change the date and time.
After a trial lesson reservation is confirmed (confirmed by each other via e-mail or phone), the lesson cannot be changed or canceled.

3. In case you want to cancel a lesson, please be sure to inform us 24 hours before the reservation time.
In case you change or cancel the lesson, the next reservation will be regarded as a regular lesson, and you will have to pay lesson fee (1 ticket).

When you make a reservation for a trial lesson, please contact us to be sure the date and time you can learn.

–We are looking forward to your application–