Short First-Timer’s Travel Guide to Osaka

Short overview about your first visit plans to Osaka ( When to come?Where to stay?What to do?)

When to come?

If you’d like to experience the beautiful cherry blossoms, then late March to early April is an ideal time to go. If autumn foliage is what you’re after, then shoot for October to November. Winters do get cold but not unbearably cold as it does in other cities in Japan.

Where to stay?

Osaka has in total 24 wards, each with many interesting neighborhoods. The best areas to get a Hotel and enjoy Osaka and its surroundings are: Shinsaibashi, Namba, Nipponbashi, Umeda and around Osaka castle.

What to do?

Osaka is a huge city and there are many things you can do but here is my Top 3 advice

Eat delicious Street Food at Kuromon Ichiba Market

You can get one of the freshest seafood here, Delicacies like uni, diver scallops, otoro, oysters, octopus, and unagi can be enjoyed here as street food. And it is really cheap too!

Shopping in Shinsaibashi

This is the heart of Osaka. Shinsaibashi is the city’s premier shopping district, you can get nearly everything here!

Try Maple Leaf Tempura in Minoo

Minoo seems to be the only place in the world where you can have this unusual crunchy sweet treat. They are available pre-packaged throughout the year but if you want it fresh, then you’ll need to go in the fall.