Osaka Food paradise

Osaka is still known as one of the ultimate food destinations throughout Japan. That’s the reason why it got the nickname –Tenka no Daidokoro– (the nations kitchen). A City for passionate food lovers and an abundance of things to eat.

Okonomiyaki is arguably Osaka’s most famous dish. Somewhere between a pancake and an omelette, it’s customized with a choice of meat, noodles or seafood to create a infinitely variable classic.

When it comes down to street food, Takoyaki is Osaka’s quintessential streetsnack. These ball-shaped octopus fritters are a big hit and food craze around the world as well.

For people who want to try something real special and outstanding, Tessa-Sashimi (made from the poisonous Fugu fish) is a must. Certified chefs are trained just to leave enough poison to numb the lips, not stop the heart.

Jan 21, 2018