Sumo Spring Basho in Osaka

That stretch in the evenings and the plum blossoms in bloom means just one thing to sumo fans — it’s time for the Osaka Basho.

The Sumo Spring Basho is one of the six annual Grand Tournaments of Sumo. It’s the only chance each year to see a professional sumo match in Osaka.

The Tournament usually starts early in the morning and runs until the evening. At the end of the day, there are usually some dramatic moments as local favorites, stars of the sport and recently undefeated wrestlers go head to head.

Bouts are usually over very quickly, but are preceded by tension heightening displays, as the wrestlers attempt to psyche out each other.

If you have never seen a Sumo match before, Osaka is without doubt worth a visit. A great town to see a crowd go wild for sumo.

Mar 18, 2018