The Open-Air Museum of Old Japanese Farmhouses

In the span of a few generations, millions of Japanese left the countryside and moved into urban and suburban sprawl. Not many people have a connection to rural farm life, it’s tenuous at best.

Luckily, Japan is full of opportunities to travel back in time and look into the past.

One worth recommending is Osaka’s Open-Air Museum of Old Japanese Farmhouses. Here you’ll find over 35,000 square meters of walking paths surrounded by maple, cherry and other trees. Along these paths you’ll find 12 rebuilt, refurbished or restored structures from Japan’s Edo Period (1603-1868). Some date from the 19th century, others from as early as the 17th.Really authentic buildings that you can enter and experience for yourself. Entering these former homes can be a transportive exercise, where people can utilize their imagination and sense of the past.

There are many different farmhouses from prefectures as far south as Kagoshima and as far north as Iwate. Each has a unique style and design suited for the weather, geography and culture of the region where it originated.

The distinctive building styles and materials for these houses are remarkable. Some have a strong roof to withstand the wind of the valley and others look like something from the set of an old samurai movie.

Don’t miss this opportunity to travel back in time when you visit Osaka.

June 3, 2018